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Where we Began.........

Meet The Team: TeamMember

Hi I'm Ewa, and I have been making soaps for the last 3 years,

after my daughter had really bad eczema and  her skin was very itchy after taking a shower/bath. So, I  have decided to make cold process natural soap with no added smell and colour hoping that it will help. The soap worked amazingly and with time her skin got better and this became my new fascinating  hobby.


I have lived in England with my family for the last 14 years, and having worked in the beauty industry, I dreamt of sharing my homemade products to all can benefit from the innovative every growing range, with simple fresh ingredients. 

A mother of 4, my children are one of my main motivators, continually helping me think of more combinations and creative wonderful scent combinations. They are the backbone of my quality assurance processes, especially testing the bath bombs. 

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