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Pink sugar bath bomb is a delectable sweet aroma of strawberry sugar, candy floss, vanilla bean and cinnamon. Hand made from natural ingredients will take you back to your favorite memory from a good old amusement park. Leaving you refreshed, relaxed and with a smooth skin


Do not be put off my the loud colour - this will not stain your bath or skin. 


fizzing and foaming bath bomb

INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, corn starch, polysorbate80, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, prunus americana (apricot kernel oil), parfum, CL45350, CL19140, CL42090, *limonene,*linalool


SODIUM BICARBONATE: baking soda- makes your skin silky soft. when combined with citric acid creates the fizz. baking soda also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflamatory properties.


CITRIC ACID: other half of the fizz and source of vitamin c


CORN STARCH: Soothes and relieves dry, itchy skin


APRICOT KERNEL OIL:  is pressed from the kernels of the apricot. This oil is very gentle oil. It is perfect for sensitive skin and even for children. is very light and absorbs into the skin very quickly. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin to provide long lasting hydration. This oil is full of fatty acids, vitamins A C and E. With the help of this vitamins and fatty acids, apricot kernel promotes youthful, elastic skin.


POLYSORBATE 80: Helps to spread the oils throughtout the water, and keep colourants or dyes from sticking to you or your tub or giving you the awful bath bomb ring around the tub.


SODIUM LAURYL SULFOACETATE: this creates soft silku bubbles to make your bath more luxurious.

Don't confuse with SLS. our SLSA is derived from coconut and responsibly sourced certified palm oil, while conforming to Ecocert's natural and organic cosmetic standard and is 100% natural origin.


PARFUME: we only use high quality fragrance oils, phtalate and paraben free.

designed specially for bath bomb and soaps use.

Pink Sugar

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